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Enrichment and Training


Daycare is an amazing environment for socialization and play but it can be stressful being around your friends all day

(social burnout is real)

Enrichment allows your pup to take space from the daycare environment with fun activities and spend some much needed one on one time with one of our handlers doing all of their favorite activities! Some of our enrichment activities include Agility work, Playing with a variety of toys, various treat games and puzzles, and walks to our local coffee shop for some well deserved pup cups.

Enrichment is great for high energy and anxious pups, it helps them use their brains to their fullest potential with different challenging activities that they possibly haven't been introduced to yet.

All forms of Enrichment are priced at 20 dollars per session.

All sessions last as long as your specific pup wants it to last!

Coming May Aardvarks is excited to introduce Saturday Pack walks!

Sign your pups for our new weekly pack walk on the beautiful scenic mare island, with all their puppy friends, Pack walks are a Great way of socializing your pups on leash


$20 space is limited so sign up quick


Training is coming soon!

French Bulldog
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