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Stress free Boarding

All boarding dogs must be actively enrolled in our daycare in order to board

The familiar environment, routine, and staff makes for an easy, stress free transition in to overnights


all day play at our daycare

All boarding dogs are automatically enrolled in our daycare when they board with us

Your dog wont be separated in a room by themselves or stuck in a kennel

They can enjoy safe, fun play with friends and fun enrichment activities provided by the staff

Ease of mind

On-site trained staff 24 hours a day

Daily wellness checks

Call and check in anytime

~ ~ ~ ~


Getting started

All boarding dogs must first pass through our Daycare eligibility and evaluation

O/N Starts


We provide beds and blankets to all boarding dogs

We discourage personal bedding as it runs the risk of being damaged by another dog

We can accommodate personal belongings if needed


We do not provide house food

We recommend that all dogs maintain their regular diet from home

Doing so helps us prevent allergy flare-ups, loose bowels, and upset tummies

We accommodate all diets: kibble, canned, raw, homecooked, etc.


There is no extra charge to administer medications

We will need detailed instructions for all medication at time of drop off

eg. how much, how often, how they take it

We administer all medication types: oral, topical, injections, etc.

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