Dog Training Center

Boarding with Aardvark's

When you board your dog with us there are only a couple of things to know.


We provide beds and blankets to all our boarding dogs. You are more than welcome to bring your dog's own personal items, however, please keep in mind that they will run the risk of being chewed by another dog.


Big dogs and little dogs are in separate rooms for overnight. If there are any mixed sibling pairs, we will try to keep them in a room together. However, these rooms are used at our own discretion and are not available for reservation.

Big dogs will typically be set up individually in one of our many XL kennels. For safety reasons all big dogs must be in a kennel overnight.

Depending on their behavior, small dogs have the option to be either loose or in a kennel overnight.

To prevent loose bowel movements and/or hunger strikes we do not provide any house food. We strongly encourage that all dogs maintain their regular diets and ask that you bring your dog's food from home.

We can accommodate all types of diets including wet, raw, and home-cooked.

Written feeding instructions are required at time of drop off.

ANY MEDICATION MUST BE LABELED AND MUST COME WITH INSTRUCTIONS. Instructions should specify: who the medication is for, how much should be given, and at what time it should be given. IF YOUR DOG IS VERY PARTICULAR ABOUT HOW THEY TAKE THEIR MEDICATION PLEASE EXPLAIN THE USUAL ROUTINE USED AT HOME.